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Do you ever find yourself tutting at the mundane? Shaking you head slightly and rolling your eyes at the terminally dull? We like things to run differently round here, and god alone (and now you) knows how needlessly and unreasonably angry we get when we see so called ‘unbiased and informative’ tablet computer reviews. Why, thank you so much for your shockingly tedious article telling us how many megaflops processing power this tablet has, it’s really helped me with my purchasing decision.. I’ll just put it with the other 17,358 suspiciously identical product reviews. I saw a ‘factual’ product review guidebook in WHSmith’s the other day which was supposed to help people work out which smartphone to buy. It had 100+ almost identical looking phones in it and you could have read it from cover to cover and would have still ended up saying “yes, but which one should I buy?!”

Anyways, we thought we start our own product review page by collating the views and ramblings of our friends and their distressingly IT literate children. If you’re looking for consistent, unbiased product reviews then you’re in the wrong place my friend!


Said by some to be pioneering, game-changing, one of the most disruptive technologies of the 21st century, altering the face of work and social dynamics forever. Said by Robbie, age 8, to be ‘wicked’.

 Billy, age 14: –  iPad 3

Mostly I use my iPad for playing games, browsing the internet and watching TV. The screen is good and so are graphics when playing games. It is just the right size for watching TV as it’s not too small but is also light enough to carry around. The battery life is good but charging the battery is very slow. Taking photos is hard because of its size.

 Robbie, age 8:  – iPad 2

I like my iPad because you can Facetime, skype and text and watch films and play games. It’s better than a DS because it has games stored on it so you don’t have to take separate games with you.

Julie, age 47: – iPad 4

Our household has 2 iPads, 1 kindle Fire HD and 2 unnamed android tablets (they were so cheap they weren’t branded and never really worked). I thought the cheap tablets would do for my 2 under 6 year’s old girls, just so they could play games and stop using their older sisters Kindle Fire HD. This didn’t work as they abandoned their own tablets in favour of our iPads as they were used to the interface and games. I like the size of the iPad 4 over any of the minis, it feels more substantial and sturdy and having a big handbag means it’s not a problem carrying it around. I use it for emailing, online shopping and watching TV mostly and find the resolution/speed perfect. FaceTime is also particularly useful and the children use it all the time. I have tried ‘office like’ software for work purposes but still prefer using my PC as it’s more user friendly and compatible. The only downside (apart from the high cost) is the sound sometimes isn’t sufficient in a noisy household but I have a plug in speaker that solves that problem. Oh and the camera isn’t great. In a market saturated with so much choice, I guess it comes down to individual taste as a lot of tablets offer the same but I am happy to stick with my iPad as it ticks all the right boxes for me.

 Ash, age late thirties: iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, and Air

OK, you can probably tell by the fact I’ve had every iPad since they were first released that I like them. I had my first iPad sent to me by a friend in the US the week they were first launched. I was so excited, I could barely function until it arrived. I’m now on the iPad Air.. It’s fast, light, has a really high quality screen on it. I use it for reading books, emails, web, IMDB, shopping, occasional games and films. What I CAN’T use it for is proper work.. I don’t care that you can now get Microsoft Word and Excel on an iPad, have you tried it? It’s so stressful, I’m getting pains in my chest just thinking about it! Also you need to pay Microsoft a subscription license and honestly, I don’t think they need my money. The iPad is a social / home tool, but for work you’ll never take my Lenovo laptop off me.OK, the last two downsides to the iPAd are: it’s ker-ching expensive and you can’t see the screen in sunlight so don’t throw that Kindle away yet!


After years saying they would never make a mini iPad, they went and mad a mini iPad saying “ah, but it’s not a mini iPad, it’s an iPad mini”. So I went and bought one. It still doesn’t have expandability, compatibility, or a particularly mini price tag, but oh how we love it!

 Annie, age 11: iPad Mini 

There are many gadgets in the world being invented and improved, compared to the gadgets I had when I was little they have definitely changed. I had a Nintendo DS, it wasn’t the easiest to carry around if you wanted to bring multiple games and the games kept getting lost. Now I have an iPad Mini, you can text, post videos and pictures for free to your friends plus you can talk to your friends all day long for free, you are able to have multiple apps without bringing game cards like the DS, and you also can download films, TV programmes and music.

 Claire, age 43: iPad Mini

I like the iPad Mini, as it’s small and light enough to carry around whilst the screen is still a comfortable size for emailing, reading books, playing games, browsing the web and limited spreadsheet work. iMessage and Facetime are nice features and a real bonus for kids without phones. The iPad Mini is a great device, albeit an expensive one.

 Harry, age 5: iPad mini

Can I play angry birds? Can I play angry birds? Can I play angry birds? Can I play angry birds? Please, please, pleeeeeeeease. Can I play angry birds? Can I? I promise to do my homework later. (BTW, He didn’t do his homework later)

Ash, OK I’m really 42: iPad mini

Do consider the mini as an upgrade from a Kindle because it’s so light and the screen quality is so good, it’s a pleasure to read books on it. The only problem is that you always have the temptation to check your emails! The screen is a lot like children.. Small and annoying at first, but you soon get used to it. It’s still very expensive, but easy to use and carry around with you.. I had an iPad mini for around 6 months and I now use it to control music and video playback in the house..


Author: Ashley

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