We’re in the Telegraph!

OMG! Very exciting for little old Lente Designs that we got a proper journalist actually wanting to talk to us! Thanks to Amazon who helped to promote our little business.

amazon article

As every young business you go through good times and bad, cash flow issues and periods of extreme joy and fun.  Whilst we’re in year 4 and our toughest yet it still makes our day to receive your kind emails that seem to roll in day in day out and always keep us smiling – even if the bank balance doesnt!

Hopefully this will help spread our name to new customers and help us build on the products we have – with new tablets being released every year we always struggle to decide what is best so don’t hesitate to email us with your technology reviews for our customer technology review page and make use of our £5 John Lewis voucher if you spread the word to a new person who hasnt purchased direct with us before!

If you do love our products – which so many of you do and we’re eternally grateful –  I hope you’ll keep spreading the word so that we can continue coming up with fun new designs.

Helen Lente Designs Telegraph article

Author: Helen Rolfe

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  1. Well done H! The only time I’ve been in the paper before was for less honourable reasons :)

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