Death by Brolly!

Yay, it rained again just as I left on the school run! Having not checked the weather report before I left I was totally unprepared and got completely soaked – as did my 3 girls. :(. However it seems I was about the only one who didn’t have an emergency umbrella to hand. As I entereded to narrow pathway between swallows and puffins classroom (known by the parents as ‘scrum’ alley) space enough for single file,but def not the childminders with double buggies and 5 kids in tow! I was greeted by a sea of brollies all shapes and sizes ..Peppa Pig, Spider-Man, Ben and Holly, Monsters inc -all clutched dangerously by ‘groin height’ kids. Those rubber tips go nowhere to protecting you in the ‘scrum’! But probably worse was the lone dad … with the ’02′ size golfing brolly … Really?? Anyway, I thought (3 prongs later) wouldn’t it be cool if all brollies were like this



Author: Julie Mills

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