Ice-Cream lolly Recipe for the grown -ups!

I have a friend who is made on Oreo cookies and seeing this recipe made me think of here…and has already started my tummy rumbling even though it’s only 10:30

I’m sure some of you can find improvements to this recipe – just a few flakes or maybe a fruti & nut bar? Or any cookie for that matter ….mmmmmmmmm!  Ben & Jerry’s Pah !


  • 1 container whipped cream (not the kind in the squirty jar), thawed
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 18  Oreo cookies, plus 4


In a freezer bag, whack the cookies around a bit so that they are broken into large chunks. I like to use a rolling pin and let out some frustrations. Don’t go haywire though, you don’t want crumbs, yet.

In another bag with remaining Oreo’s, beat the living day lights out of things for a fine cookie crumbly topping.

In a large bowl, whip cream cheese until light and fluffy. Fold in the whipped cream and cookie chunks.

Pour mixture into popsicle molds or wax lined disposable cups. Gently pat down to make sure all air bubbles are filled in. Insert your wooded craft sticks and sprinkle cookie crumbs on top, pressing gently with your fingers.

Freeze for at least 4 hours.

Remove pops from molds and enjoy.

To make this dessert “healthy”, you could use light whipped cream and low fat cream cheese. Or yogurt?


Author: Helen Rolfe

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