Netflix or Amazon – which way are you heading?

For the last 15 years together I’ve been subjected to Techie husband advising me that we need this gadget and that gadget and now that we have a Playstation we can watch movies, so we really don’t need the Sky box and then a few weeks later I’m told Apple TV is the way forward for the kids stuff and then and then and then…I’m soooo confused and basically I just want to watch a little bit of sport, a movie at the weekend & some news here and there …and a bit of Dave for a giggle! Whilst watching this amazing TV series called True Detective we were missing an episode and Netflix was the only place that came up trumps so that we could finish the a slightly deranged and unhinged fashion so perhaps our loyalties will eventually go the way of Netflix but what’s your view?

If nothing else it looks like we have a heap of new TV films and dramas on the way whilst the companies compete for viewers that will ensure we should all be happy regardless of  choice …although I’m not sure I’ll be allowed much of a say in our household!

Author: Helen Rolfe

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