The mother of all mothers

I was talking to a friend who’s 7 mths pregnant and how difficult it’s been in the unusually hot weather we’ve been having. Not only because her swollen ankles won’t fit into her floppiest of flip flops, but because the particular ice lolly she’s been craving for has sold out in her local shop!! Since the schools broke up the hordes of kids have got there before her, not hard since all she can do is waddle! ( Hasn’t she heard of online grocery deliveries?)

Anyway, having been in exactly the same shoes (or probably flip flops!) 10 yrs ago in another heat wave I nodded sympathetically , remembering the commute to work on packed tubes where no seat was offered (yes, before ‘bump on board’ badges came into existence). What an ordeal we expectant mums have to endure.








Then, I heard on the radio about an octopus that had not eaten for FOUR YEARS while standing guard over her eggs until they hatched. Now THAT’S stamina and commitment for you!!

Author: Julie Mills

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