Minecraft bridges generation gap!

As I have commented before our little boy has become a little fixated on Minecraft and whilst we try to limit the amount of time he actually plays on it, the fact is if he is not playing on it, he wants to talk about it.  I was in a local bookstore taking a quick toilet break  and obviously blaming it on my child so that it didn’t look bad that I wasn’t buying anything from the in-store Cafe. As we walked out through the store we happened upon some Minecraft books and as I stumbled over each one working out which combination of “one plus second one for half price” we should choose, a lovely young lad, no more than 10, came over and quietly informed me which would be the best combination and why.  I was a bit embarrassed but I smiled and thanked him profusely for his help. We purchased and then saw the little lad again as we were leaving and I said thank you again (if you know me at all, I’m a bit of a “thank you” kind of person!) and we smiled at each other.

What a little star this lad was and how nice to feel that he felt comfortable offering me advice & that he is so engaged in this game.  So Thank You to the little lad that made me the coolest mum in the world in the eyes of my 5 year old for buying him 2 books on his new passion.

The news this week is that a company in America is releasing a new Add-on to the game to allow kids of all ages to complete basic and complex coding to create their own characters…I’m just amazed at the game and yes of course I’m a bit concerned about the word die being used a bit more frequently than I feel comfortable with but on the other hand he has created some buildings that I think even Norman Foster would be proud of!

If your interested below is the article about the new Add-on





Author: Helen Rolfe

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