Don’t try this at home!

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I’m sure I m not in the minority of parents whose child has dropped & damaged their iPhone (yes I know, v lucky to have one in the first place especially considering I’ve still got my old Samsung ). Well, the screen was cracked and as it was an iPhone 4 we had to replace the screen & digitiser (meant nothing to me either!). Being ever the skinflint, I refused to send it back to Apple and pay £150 to have it fixed and instead got the parts off ebay for £15! Oh, how smug I felt when it arrived with the wee little tool kit and the details of the YouTube tutorial guide. So, Jon (husband and not the most ahem …how shall I put it …patient of people) set about fixing it.

OMG ..all I can say DON’T EVER TRY THIS AT HOME! It’s truly impossible! I’ve never seen such minute screws (Infact , some I really couldn’t see)! I sneezed , as the cat jumped up on the table swishing its tail around and it was carnage. Screws & flimsy ‘bits’ lost forever! The YouTube tutorial was hilarious to try and follow. David Blaine eat your heart out ..this fellow knows the true meaning of slight of hand.

So, the long and the short of it is – 5 days in and we’re defeated. I’m handing over the parts remaining to the professionals and will gladly pay whatever they ask!

Author: Julie Mills

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