Time to Swot Up

I read somewhere about a 16 year old boy who had taken something like 12 GSCE’s and had come top in the country for 10 of them! Wow, pretty impressive, he must be a right brainbox. But what I’ve discovered over the last few months is that parents also have to be pretty ‘up there’in the learning stakes too.
Last weekend I spent the whole of Sunday doing homework with my kids. My 5 yr old daughter had to show what she did in the summer (easy – pics of holiday in Devon plus some writing) plus go on an Autumn walk and show what you saw (double easy, do a leaf collage). My 8yr old had to prepare a presentation on ‘something you know a lot about’ & The Egyptians . Totally random, but did you know that if an Egyptians cat died, they shaved off their eyebrows in mourning?? Just a little nugget of info my 8yr old dazzled me with! Anyway, she decided her presentation would be on ‘The Donkey Sanctuary’ we visited in Devon (those summer snaps come in handy in all sorts of ways, I’m using them on ‘Personalised Calendars’ for the grandparents Christmas pressies next). She did it on power point – so only a bit of guidance needed from me.  I started to feel rather smug .. look at me being all creative with my 3 girls all doing their homework and swapping from Ancient Egyptians to Autumn walks!

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Then my 11yr old, who usually just ‘gets on with it’ asked if I could help as she didn’t understand something. Yes – of course, no problem at all, what is it I can help you with? ‘ INVERTED FRACTION’S’ she says. ‘What is 3 ¾ divided by 4 5/8??’. Not so smug now. I couldn’t even get away with googling the answer (which I did try) as ‘DER .. you have to show your workings out’.  Time to do a bit of swotting up!!

Author: Julie Mills

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