Can I have one of these for Christmas please Santa.

Oooh, I love this and have put on my Christmas list (which basically gets ignored as I’ve been told by the hubby that I can’t have a Christmas list at my age).
It’s Ollie – the the app-controlled robot driven by adrenaline that has got me all fired up. The ad for it is brilliant, all loud pumping music and speed tricks. If the price tag was a little cheaper I would definitely buy it for one of my friends who is ‘pretty damn cool’. She’s also an avid skateboard fan. In the summer I went with her to her local park and did notice that maybe her more mature swag on the board ramps didn’t really pay off . In fact I noticed more than one snigger from the teenagers there. Maybe its time to revisit with this little gadget that can spin, flip, drift, jump and perform mid-air – ok not quite the same but I’m sure even the sniggering teenagers would be impressed.




Author: Julie Mills

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