Has the Kindle had its day?

Remember the hoo ha when e-readers first hit the market? How bookshops trembled at the mere mention of the ‘K’ word. I’ve never really embraced the whole Kindle thing having always preferred the feel of a book, flicking over the pages, the smell of it (well the ones from the 10p book fairs maybe). I might be considered old school in my approach but it seems that recent stats are pointing to an upturn in the number of ‘physical’ books purchased. Foyles and Waterstones have both reported a rise in sales over the past year whilst Kindle sales have all but petered out.

I recently joined a book club with friends (*with the promise it was more an excuse to guzzle wine than discuss in earnest books). Due to the fact I didn’t have time to buy the physical book as I left it too late, I downloaded it via an app on my iPad to read. I must admit it was handy to read in this format & cheaper but no – I’m still not converted and it looks like there are plenty of other people out there haven’t crossed over to the ‘other side’ either.

However, as this article in the Telegraph points out it’s not quite as simple to say that the Kindle is dead and the book is back.

*As it turned out, there was some serious debate about the book and not enough wine drinking for my liking. Think I may need to do more than ‘skim read’ the next book. LOL!

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Author: Julie Mills

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