Margarine v Butter – the new FATs war!

As a child of the 70′s my parents ate butter and all matter of fatty things, regaling stories of how they put dripping on their bread as a snack…to my delicate ears it just sounded totally grim.

So growing up in the 80′s obviously I knew butter (urgh!) and decided that I would move on to the newfangled margarines that didn’t have as much fat in them…concious of the need to maintain a good weight (I was a teenage girl after all!)  I always opted for the “diet” version in my yoghurt choice and other products and basically until university did a pretty good job of avoiding fat..

Obviously several decades on – I realise the error of my ways and having OD’d on sugar based products all this time, I’m now trying to teach my son, the new and correct way to eat…

This article touched a nerve and I think we could all do with understanding our food intake and what is good and bad, whether right or wrong my belief is still that variety in your food is best and generally if it’s a green it’s good! Let’s hope this really is the best advice for the next generation of parents ;0) xx




Author: Helen Rolfe

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