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If you think belonging to a book club is just an excuse to meet up for a chinwag and a glass of wine (yep, that was me!) then think again. Having recently joined a local club made up of 7 other mums who I loosely know, I have quickly found out there is definitely a book club etiquette that needs to be adhered to.
Such as;
1. Never disclose the name of the book you are suggesting prior to the gathering (you’ll lose your nerve that it’s a great read that everyone will love when it only takes one person to say ‘oooh, that’s had bad reviews’ and all your confidence goes flying out the window.
2. Talking of reviews – don’t go googling all the review sites as everyone’s opinions differ so much and that’s the point of getting a good debate going
3. Don’t eat before the meeting(even if the host insists she’s only going to provide a few nibbles, this always escalades into a full blown feast. There’s something to be said for competitive mums :)
4. Oh and lastly … do READ the book up for discussion, it actually helps xx

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Author: Julie Mills

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