The magic of M.C Escher

This week – being half term – I focused a little more on being a mummy rather than a “working mummy” and we took a train ride from home over to West Dulwich.  The trains were on time, we played the word association game, did some spellings and a few maths based questions to keep the two boys brains ticking over and then ate our body weight in snacks to make the two hour journey go quicker. This is what we saw The boys were brilliantly behaved – lowering their voices, being excited, taking on board words like tessellation and metamorphosis with enthusiasm.  We didn’t stop to look at every picture – they are only 6 3/4′s but we stopped at some fantastic drawings and they immersed themselves in the world of Escher.  I’m so proud of the way they behaved in what could be considered quite an intimidating arena.  They drew such a great picture of the day and have since been pointing out Escher type images when we’ve been out and about. Properly proud of the two boys and properly impressed with the work of Escher and the effort, focus, intelligence of his work.  Something for everyone – no matter how young or old, the classic well known images as well as some stunning scenery images from Italy.  It’s really worthwhile popping down to see it and the gardens are great for a little bit of “letting of steam” afterwards.  Well they are boys after all!!

Author: Helen Rolfe

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