Running Etiquette

Over the last 3 years I’ve been running the point where I can & regularly do, run twice a week at least once is a 10k trek.  The only thing that keeps me going is not a “thing” at all but a dear friend.  We’ve been running together twice a week for well over a year now and some days – as you can imagine we have a whole library worth of topics to discuss from the volume of last weeks homework, the big term project, which family member did something sad/silly/funny/annoying over the weekend and why after 2 years of running we still haven’t lost any weight.

Honestly I would be so happy to sit and eat cake and drink tea with her and mull over our little & big woes but I know that’s not going to help my waistline either.  My great friend now has a new job which may leave me running alone for a few weeks which means no more stints along the canal or in the local woods …that got me thinking about running and some of the etiquette involved in being a good runner…this one made me smile…especially the very last one .. #

I don’t take myself too seriously – which is good! So, if you’re running in the Buckinghamshire area and happen to see me – please do say hello but also do remember no one really likes being laughed at ;0) !

Author: Helen Rolfe

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