Who is Yayoi Kusama?

I remember about 3 years back Ash & I went into London for a day with friends and had a lovely lunch at the top of Harvey Nichols for my birthday. It was mid-October but the sun was shining and we sat on the roof top terrace drinking wine and eating lovely food and giggling a lot.  Afterwards we all went window shopping …yes lunch was all we could afford but it was worth it.   Whilst browsing we stopped at Selfridge’s and saw this brilliant fun & colourful Louis Vuitton display – it was very organic & modern yet consisted of what looked like Octopus tentacles coming through the floor of a window display box.  The display box and the Octopus tentacles were all in red & white polka dots.  I was beside myself with excitement.  Here was a brand new take on the old polka dot pattern – bringing it into the 21st Century with such force.  I didn’t know anything about the origins of the design but the following week we worked on creating our own polka dot in the Louis Vuitton style.  A month or so later we released our bubble polka dot collection in red/white and black/white combinations.  They didn’t sell well at all! Moral of the story, don’t make business decisions when you’ve had wine! :0)

However, the more interesting story is about Yayoi Kusama who is the visionary behind this different sized polka dot design.  Here is a little bit about her and some of the work she has created over the years.  A real designer, a real role model and just an incredibly journey from being restricted at such an early age by her family to earning the accolade of selling a piece of her art for the highest price ever paid for a piece made by a female artist. 

Hop to the Waterstones website and you can find over 20 books about her


If you haven’t got time to read the book the webpage below is quick and full of colour and makes a quick summary of who she is and what she has achieved.




Author: Helen Rolfe

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