The Book of Spice

Clearly Christmas is round the corner because I keep searching for and seeing new books being released!  I’m trawling through pages and pages of them to see if I can find an appropriate one for every member of the family as a little stocking filler.  Reading in the new school curriculum has been raised to new levels so I’m desperately looking for titles that will inspire my child and perhaps make Grandad & Nanny smile with some interesting Christmas present.

I’m a glutton for punishment! Why do I feel the need to purchase something just a little bit different & try to be fun and creative..perhaps an Amazon wishlist is created for people just like me who don’t want to stick to the list and then regret it!  I’m always on the hunt for something different & whilst browsing I came across this one

I just think its a totally absorbing subject that something that we take for granted these days for our everyday cooking was the source of war and skulduggery.  Europe clamoured for a piece of the spice trade, using dubious and often brutal tactics to establish a foothold in India and South-East Asia.  Spain and Portugal spent much of the 16th century fighting over cloves, while England and the Dutch duelled over nutmeg in Indonesia.

As Heather Whipps said “for better and for worse, perhaps it was the world’s first crack at globalization, all in the pursuit of a more flavourful dinner”.



Author: Helen Rolfe

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